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Genres: Comedy , Family , Sport
Actors: Edward Asner , Don Knotts , Gary Grimes , Tim Conway , Louise Williams , Dick Van Patten , Ronnie Schell , Bob Crane , Johnny Unitas , Dick Butkus , Harold Gould , Tom Bosley , Titos Vandis , Hanna Hertelendy , Liam Dunn
Director: Vincent McEveety
Country: United States
Year: 1976
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (553 votes)

The California Atoms are in last place with no hope of moving up. But by switching the mule from team mascot to team member, (He can kick 100 yard field goals!) they start winning, and move up in the rankings, Hurrah! The competition isn’t so happy. Written by Brian W Martz Hank Cooper the owner of a football team that’s not doing so well and stands to lose the team to Charles Gwynn who lent Cooper the money he needed to keep the team afloat. Cooper makes a bet with Gwynn if the team can win half the games he keeps the team. Which is 7 games which is more than the number of games they have won in the past few years. That’s when Gynn makes a different bet. Saying if a team can go from 0 to 7 can probably win their division, and if a team can do that, they can probably win the super bowl. Eventually Cooper learns of a mule named Gus from Yugoslavia that can kick a ball 100 yards away. He brings the mule and Andy, the boy who takes care of him over to be a novelty act but it isn’t long that he makes Gus a part of the team. And they start winning. Gynn worried that they just might win tells his guy Wilson to handle it so he hires two ex-cons Spinner and Crankcase to keep Gus from being at any future games or make sure he can’t kick.

Film Review

As silly as the premise of this movie is, you have to admit that there are no comedians quite as funny as Tim Conway and Don Knotts. Don is his typical, flustered character, but he is hysterical as a coach of a bad California football team. Ed Asner, of course, is funny and loud-mouthed.Tim Conway teams up with Tom Bosley as the crooks who kidnap Gus, the goal-kicking mule. (You have to smile at Dick Van Patten as the orchestrator of the kidnapping). As a child, my favorite sequence was the scenes in the grocery store. I particularly enjoy the scene where Tim Conway's character thinks he sees Gus' hoof under the counter to the next aisle and accidentally grabs the foot of the bosomy, sexy lady who has the huge, biker boyfriend wondering what is going on. Every scene in the grocery store is laugh-out-loud hysterical, even the part where the lady sees Gus run out of the meat department and says, in a huff, "the freshest meat!! HMFF!! I also like the "hospital scene&quo…

As others have said, the plot is just totally unreal. But the cast, bless their hearts, play this one straight and before you know it, you’re sucked in watching. Tim Conway and Tom Bosley pretty much steal the show–my husband, 6-year-old daughter, and I roll on the floor laughing every time we watch this and it’s time for the scenes in the hotel and grocery store. Also, worth mentioning are Bob Crane (as the "Old PepperPot"–a sports announcer who’s even more obnoxious than Dick Vitale) and football great Johnny Unitas (who can’t get a word in edgewise to do the play-by-play). Oh, yes–Dick Enberg’s in this one–it was filmed when he still had hair! This one ends with a little twist, too.Great viewing for the whole family, or for one of those nights you want to have friends over and just laugh yourself silly. . .

Once I was watching TV late at night and this stupid-looking movie came on. It was Gus. I can’t believe movies like this could be actually pitched to an executive, but I guess Disney can never be underestimated. As I began to watch it, I became enthralled: a mule kicks field goals from any distance and never misses. Alas, the mule gets kidnapped before the BIG GAME and he must be retrieved. Boy was I surprised when he was airlifted back onto the field after an unpleasant yet unbelievable scene involving a supermarket. Don Knotts plays a terrible coach too, but Gus steals the show here. If you want to watch a movie that never should have been made, check out Gus.